Digital Services

Delivering a Win on Election Day 

Vote Yes to Digital Services  

Every day leading up to Election Day is an opportunity to engage with your constituency – and our digital team has you covered. The Kdence digital team has the expertise and knowledge to create and execute highly targeted ad campaigns, based on voter history, issue alignment, location, and more, to connect you with your most vocal supporters and viable voters.  

Our approach is informed, data-backed, and fully integrated into the rest of the campaign. We’ve worked in digital advocacy for over 15 years, and we appreciate the evolution of digital capabilities to drive meaningful interactions and tangible results. With social listening and sophisticated targeting, our team is ready to thoughtfully deploy customized strategies to ensure that your name is selected on the ballot this Election Day.  

Chat with and Organize Voters

Social media channels are the ideal venue to connect with your voters and organize with your greatest supporters, humanizing yourself and showcasing your most salient messaging points. We understand which channels to select based on your constituency, and we know the right content, engagement, and growth strategies to yield meaningful connections and conversations.

Share Your “Digital Yard Sign”

Just as you would ask supporters to post a yard sign in front of their homes to offer their support – you can provide supporters with a social media toolkit for easy access to social media content to amplify within their networks. This valuable penetration into unique and expansive networks will create the echo chamber needed to demonstrate comprehensive support at the ballot. 

Target Key Audiences & Voters

Our in-house digital team provides complete digital advertising services, including messaging, copywriting and creative services as well as set up, monitoring, reporting and optimizations. There are many ways to engage across digital advertising, but some of our favorites include: 

Running digital ads against the voter file on Facebook and across programmatic ad channels to reach voters based on party affiliation, vote frequency, and issue-alignment.
Grabbing the biggest screen in the household with Connected TV ads, offering a compliment or replacement to your traditional TV ad spots.
Tapping highly active listeners through audio ads, across podcast or radio channels.
Retargeting your most active supporters through geofencing and lookback device ID technology to capture individuals previously at your events, for ongoing reinforcement and amplification opportunities.

Tune Into Local Conversations

Using social listening, we can analyze trending conversations from your voters, to understand crisis situations, opportunities to engage, and topics to avoid. 

Text for Big Results

As mobile devices dominate, engaging across SMS and MMS is critical, using peer-to-peer texting from volunteers to voters, or to distribute key messages or multimedia to constituents on one of the most read forms of communication: text.

Learn and Evolve

With real-time feedback on owned and paid digital channels, utilizing and understanding the resulting metrics will help the campaign to evolve both online and offline to improve over time.